Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vendor Garage Sale

Photo: Boxes and Boxes of clearance stock from Scrapbook Cupboard / Monday Night Class are awaiting this exciting sale. Hope you can make it!

At Monday Night Class we enjoy a good garage sale as much as most.  We especially love the kind were we can clean out the cupboards, find some gems and offer them at drastically reduced pricing for you to enjoy!

Cindy gets in cleaning mode, and suddenly things end up in the "get rid of" box faster than you can imagine.  Needless to say, there are now quite a few empty cupboards at the workshop, and quite a few FULL boxes ready to be unpacked at the SALE shown above, and hopefully never to be packed up again.

If you are able to come out to enjoy this sale, we can assure you that you will NOT leave disappointed by the deals or the volume of stuff that is available for purchase. 

Scrapbook Cupboard / Monday Night Class will have a couple of tables at this sale.
We will be accepting CASH ONLY and only have a limited number of shopping bags, so please come prepared accordingly.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Difficult Days!

To our friends, and loyal customers!

We regret to inform you that Monday Night Class is experiencing difficulties on a few different fronts which may delay our email correspondences with you.

Firstly, we would like to inform you that due to technical difficulties, our website,, is currently unavailable.  We have not fallen off of the face of the earth, we will simply be down for a couple of days while these problems get resolved.

This means, that all email addresses ending in "" are currently unavailable as well.  If you have received an email from us in the last week, and have been unable to reply to the email address from which you received the message, please reply to Cindy's alternate email address below.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.

Now, on a less trivial note, Cindy asked me (Andrea) to write this post a couple of weeks ago, and I have been procrastinating because it is a difficult subject to address in such a public forum.  You may have noticed, that Cindy has not been as prompt in her correspondences as she normally is.  This has been because of family emergencies she has been attending to.  We apologize for these delays and appreciate your understanding of how family takes priority in these situations. 

Because so many of you are friends, and very caring customers, Cindy has felt that she wants you to know what is going on, and I know that many of you would want to pray and send your well wishes her way. 

Around the beginning of March, Cindy's sister, Darla, was in a serious single vehicle roll over.  Since then, she has been in a medically induced coma, so that healing can occur after serious head trauma.  Cindy, and her husband Mike, have been busy juggling visits to the hospital in Calgary, with their many regular responsibilities, and supporting Cindy's parents through this difficult time.

On top of it all, Cindy's mother has just been hospitalized with serious pneumonia. 

Thank-you again, for your support and understanding as Cindy, and her family, go through this tough and demanding time.

If you have inquiries about Monday Night Class, your order or calendar club subscription, please use the email address above for the time being, and someone will try to get back to you as soon as possible, though it might not be as soon as intended or otherwise attended to.

Monday, February 3, 2014

We LOVE MONDAYS ... especially in FEBRUARY!

Some (okay, more than some) might find it strange that the title of this blog is "I Love Mondays".  Very few of us like this day of the week, much less "love" it.  Afterall, it is definitely less popular than the other 6 days of the week. 

If you are like me you might find yourself whining on Monday morning as you swat the alarm clock for the fifth time, and growl at the idea that you must get up and start the week all over again.  The weekly routine has only just ended and is starting all over again, ALREADY!?!  My thoughts go something like this, "Was that really a weekend(?) because I sure don't feel like I had a break like they are intended for.  Next weekend will be more restful, but really... can I get through FIVE WHOLE DAYS before the next one has arrived?"

It is now Monday afternoon, as I type this, and my pity party is starting to wind down.  Probably seeing my whining in black and white, on this computer screen has helped to check my attitude as I now feel a little pathetic, and think that maybe I should go back to delete the last of paragraph.  Ahh, why bother.  I am probably no different than most people.

At this point, I feel the need to mention that this is Andrea typing today, and NOT Cindy!  From what I can tell, Cindy enjoys Mondays more than most.  If ever she gets a moment to recharge, it is often on a Monday.  A note to Cindy directly:  Should I be misrepresenting anything in this blog post, including your love for Mondays, I am sure our readers would love you to clarify in your always entertaining posts. ;)

The logo for Monday Night Class used to strike me as odd, with the Monday block of the calendar encircled by a heart.  The name "Monday Night Class", also seemed to have a story behind it, until I asked Cindy what it all meant. 

She told me the history of Monday Night Class, started with ladies traveling far and wide to attend a Monday evening scrapbooking class that she taught back in the day.  Rain, snow, icy roads, or sunshine, she had ladies coming to learn skills and techniques and to practice the art of scrapbooking.  When the winter roads were just too treacherous to traverse, the ladies would swoon (- maybe a little exaggerated, but you get the point).  Finally, from their expressed wishes that their door bell would ring one day and Cindy would be on their doorstep to teach them their Monday Night Class right in their own home, the scrapbooking kit company "Monday Night Class" was born.  Now, whether it be Monday night or some other night of the week, month, year or even leap year, Cindy's and other fabulous MNC designer's classes are available via the world wide web, and delivered direct to your home (or nearest pick-up location) for you to enjoy when the mood strikes.

I guess in a way, the potential to only enjoy these classes on a Monday evening, made Mondays much more exciting for people in the past.  At least Cindy still loves Mondays!

OKAY... So if you are still reading along I am now about to reward your diligent perseverance with a little secret.  Because love is in the air, and in this post, we want you to be aware that a sale is coming up this month that you won't want to miss!  Stay tuned to our website (, and to facebook for the start of it.  (Another little hint is that it will start on what is presumed most peoples' favourite day of the week, when LOVE has its annual celebration.)

Friday, November 22, 2013

        Greetings from the snowy south! Contrary to any reports, I have not died, moved away, or stopped working - having said that, you may be wondering why there have not been any new posts since April of this year. I have sat down to write this entry, a half dozen times, with the same result - DELETE! I just could not put the words down on paper and if the truth be told, I was hoping and praying that I would not have to write it at all.
     2013 has been the year of big change, for Monday Night Class. For years now, I have been surrounded by the most amazing team of girls, Andrea called it a "sisterhood" and in ways that is exactly what it has felt like. Sam, Laressa, Kate, Andrea, Kayla and Megan have been such a joy to work with, that it hardly felt like we were coming to work in the mornings (unless it was shipping day and something was going wrong). But in 2013, my girls grew up and went to college (Sam and Laressa), Megan opened up a boutique and salon, Andrea and Kayla moved away from Pincher Creek.
    I knew it was coming, I should have been prepared for them growing up and getting a life of their own, but it was hard to take none the less. I secretly prayed that something would fall through at the lease stage of Megan's new venture, but unfortunately (for me) she sailed right through. Then I prayed that Andrea would not find a house to rent in Calgary (post flood), but she found one and is spending the winter with her family in Calgary, while her husband attends college. Laressa and Sam are thriving and studying hard and I am the only one that shows up at headquarters on work days anymore! I actually asked myself if I wanted a coffee the other day and answered myself! LOL.
    I have had to make some changes to reflect the change in man power and you may have noticed that the website has featured a series of sales and no new kits since the fall. I can not imagine life without kits and customers and the satisfaction that I get from meeting new clients and the challenges of running a scrapbook business in the face of so many industry set backs. Which is why, while we are changing and evolving, we are not quitting!
    The calendar kit club will stay the same as it always has been - three new seasonal kits, shipped quarterly. These kits make excellent one page layouts, or with the addition of kit extenders (extra paper and cardstock) they can be a full two page layout. Because I have primarily been the designer for the calendar club for the past two years, I am going to continue on with this club. Many people have indicated that they would like to subscribe to it, seeing as we are unable to continue with the regular club as it previously existed. If you are interested in joining, so that you can get your " kit fix", just let me know, as soon as possible. I WILL NOT be producing more than what is required to fill our subscriber's orders, so you must let me know if you are interested.
   Due to the demand this fall, I have sold out of December (Chestnuts Roasting), January (Live The Life That You Imagine) and February (Be Mine) kits. If you would like to join, you would be starting with the next segment of three, which will be shipped in January.
   Please email me at    if you are interested in joining, rejoining or trying the club out for three months.
   Because I will be shipping quarterly, we will produce a limited number of regular kits that will be released to coincide with bulk shipping in January/April/July and October. I just can't go cold turkey!! If you want to shop and add extra into your box before it goes out, that will be the time. I will still fill orders on a monthly basis and then large shipping will happen the months that the seasonal kits are released.
    I am feeling a little lonely, way out here, all by myself - so now that Andrea has passed the reins of the blog back to me, I will be keeping you up to date with all my comings and goings and life without my girls and the happenings at Indian Hill.
   Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Artsy Stuff Spring Market and Education Event

We're going.  ARE YOU?
The Artsy Stuff Spring Market
and Education Event

Sunday May 5 2013 10 am to 5pm
Haysboro Community Hall
1204 - 89 Ave. SW Calgary Ab
(1 block west of Elbow Drive on 89 Ave. SW)
Admission $2.00 (for charity)
(Fees apply for mini classes and make-n-takes.)

A little more on who's attending...

Beads and Plenty More

Once again offering their very popular mini classes and make-n-takes.
Activities all day.

Monday Night Class
(Scrapbook Cupboard - Pincher Creek)

Fabulous selection of scrapbooking kits to pick from.

Lovely page-layout make-n-takes all day!

Tangle Art Alberta  
(from Canmore)

Val and Kathleen are Zentangle certified and bring along everything for Zentangles plus *Make-n-takes all day*!

Elizabeth Craft Designs

Demos plus make-n-takes. Fun stuff all day!

My Sewing Room
(watch for fabulous *new* patterns)

Features extensive use of iron on/fusible webbing.

One pattern is a sweet little village loaded with buttons, braids, trims, lovely fabrics.

Plus this bonus: Jacquie Halpen will be demoing how to create fabric covered journals using the fusible kits from My Sewing Room. Awesome way to combine fabric and paper.

Kensington Art Supply
(extensive selection of Art materials)

Demos all day with Pan Pastels and Copics for sure.

Elitia Hart Metal Art
(Fabulous demos all day)

Elitia is so excited about her display but I can't tell you details yet!

Paper Pastimes
(Supporting Els programs all day)

 Adding a few extra activities. Details later.

Christy Riopel
Mixed Media Artist

Demoing multiple Art Materials
All I can say is WOW!

Questions? Please call Carole
Paper Pastimes 403-255-8731

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Button Bookmark

Take a look at this clever bookmark, Amy made from a couple of buttons and their cardboard packaging.
  Having cut the bookmark to size, she then inked the edges, added an eyelet to one corner, and then with floss, sewed two buttons back to back, using the ends to tie through the eyelet.

Wouldn't a book look super sweet with those lovely buttons dangling from your "spot"?

Amy found her materials for this project in the leftovers of the "Home is Where the Heart Is" kit that she designed.

Click on layout above for a larger view and opportunity to order the kit.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fun Card

"Our Travels" and "Road Trip" are coordinating travel kits from

With the leftover materials from those kits, Amy has created this simple, happy card.

Take a look...

inside view

Amy never leaves the inside of a card without interest.  Take the time to add blocks of colour and pattern to the inside of your creations, for an extra special effect.  This is an especially great way to fill space if your words do not flow as freely as Hallmark.

Below are the coordinating kits, whose leftovers made the card above.

Click on above layout to see larger and to order

Click on above layout to see larger and to order